My name is Marcos. I'm a free software developer, the dad of a little boy and one who tries to keep his garden in a good shape.

I also like to spread the word of Free Software because I think it's crucial for people's development and empowering.

what i do

I write code, mostly Javascript. Previously I was working with Python, but have done PHP in the past and do shell scripting almost every day. Maintaining GNU/Linux servers is another thing I use and enjoy to do.

If I develop something that I find interesting for other people I usually publish it at GitHub or my gitlab server.

You may find some of my works of your interest. I'm open to receive donations at my Bitcoin address 12jVrWkk5S6x5hEizThZwgTx59KxaDdK4C.

I randomly write stuff in my blog.


If you want to get in touch with me, you can use any of the following channels:

remove any -x- in the above addresses.